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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is special about TrainMaster Models online offering of model train and supplies?
A. We offer the widest variety of in-stock, special order and preorder products from as
many suppliers as possible at highly competitive discounts consolidated in one shipment.

Q. Why might it take longer to get my order from TrainMaster Models??
A. We offer every available product, daily, from many different suppliers and distributors.
We do not have all the inventory in stock at our Buford location. It takes 3 to 5 business days
for the items to reach TrainMaster from suppliers warehouses plus the additional shipping
time to your address.

Q. I can get an item direct from others a day or two, why can't TrainMaster??
A. "Big Box" or National Retailer base their inventory on higher dollar or major items only.
With a such wide selection, we may require more time to complete the orders from various

Q. Why do some items not have List prices?
A. List price or Manufactures Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) has become an artifically
manipulated number by many suppliers. For some suppliers, our cost when compared to the
List Price (MSRP) is very low. This gives the customer a false sence of greater discount and
preceived value. Other suppliers in a effort to raise their own revenue, have increased cost to
the retailers when compaired to List Price (MSRP). This gives the appearance that the retailer
is reducing discount to you. Our selling prices are based on our cost from the supplier without
regard of List Price (MSRP).

Q. Why are in store prices higher?
A. The cost of inventory, location and personnel are a high cost for the retail location. Online orders
are subject to payment in advance, the shipping policy and stricker return policies.