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Woodland A2052 HO Economy Figure Assortment Woodland A2053 HO Economy Figure Set A Woodland A2051 HO Economy Figure Assorted
Woodland A1836 HO Tourists Woodland A1838 HO People Talking Bachmann 42442 HO Thomas & Friends Accesories Bertie The Bus
Labelle 7001 HO Engineer and Fireman Slouching and Leaning Woodland A1828 HO Roofers Woodland A1874 HO Casual People
Woodland A1937 HO Windy Day Play Woodland A1939 HO OutDoor Dining Woodland A1947 HO Carpenter Crew
Custom Finishing 7036 HO MOW / Work Train Equipment Kit Figures Seated Equipment Operators 6 w/Hardhats Woodland A1892 HO UniforMedium Travellers Woodland A1925 HO Sermon on the Crate
B.T.S. 20736 HO Small Birds Woodland A1848 HO Checker Players Woodland A1852 HO Assorted Junk
Woodland A1870 HO Baseball Players II Woodland A1872 HO Bystanders Woodland A1906 HO Newsstand
Woodland A1938 HO Summertime Jobs Woodland A1944 HO Take a Hike Woodland A1948 HO Service Station Attendants
Herpa 63608 HO Assorted Horses Pkg 50 Herpa 63612 HO Assorted Cattle Pkg 50 Bachmann 42441 HO Thomas & Friends Accesories Harold the Helicopter
B.T.S. 20750 HO Pigeons Pkg 6 Woodland A1841 HO Dogs & Cats Woodland A1929 HO Backyard Barbeque
Woodland A1914 HO Auto Mechanics Woodland A1945 HO Wally's Weiner Wagon Woodland A1896 HO Farmers Market
Bachmann 33102 HO Cows SceneScapes Brown & Pkg 6 Woodland A1824 HO Ordinary People Woodland A1942 HO Wildlife Standoff
Walthers 6034 HO Seated Coach Passengers Pkg 30 Walthers 6064 HO Warehouse Workers and Accessories 5 Figures w/ Accessories Walthers 6066 HO Railroad Track Workers Set 1 Pkg 6
Woodland A1840 HO Travelers Woodland A1917 HO Campers Broadway Limited 1005 HO Engineer & Fireman Figure Sets Style C & H Pkg 2
Preiser 24662 HO At The Shooting Gallery For Shooting Gallery #590-24694 Sold Separately Preiser 10459 HO Passengers Travellers w/Luggage Carts Preiser 12195 HO 1900s People At Christmas Fair
Preiser 16594 HO Former German Army WWII Unpainted Figures Joining The Chow Line Field Kitchen Preiser 16602 HO Artillery PAK L/45 3.7cm Anti-Tank Gun w/4-Man Crew Former German Army WWII Preiser 17929 HO European Farm Machinery Tractor Farm Tractor w/Roller
Preiser 24652 HO Merry-Go-Round Riders For Merry-Go-Round #590-24650 Preiser 28043 HO Individual Figure Recreation Hunter Preiser 28067 HO Individual Figures Religious People Altar Boy Carrying Holy Water
Preiser 28105 HO Reverend Waiting for Train Preiser 14120 HO Children Playing Ball Pkg 6 Preiser 10759 HO Soccer Team with Referee Blue Shirts Blue Shorts Pkg 12
Preiser 20259 HO Circus Figures Seated Band Pkg 8 Preiser 28132 HO Historic People Her Magesty the Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh Preiser 28155 HO Individual Figure Puppet Doctor Man Little Girl & Puppet
Preiser 29037 HO Individual Figure Recreation Scuba Diver Preiser 29047 HO Individual Figure Pedestrian African Woman Preiser 29071 HO Individual Figures Emergency Services Berlin Policeman circa 1900
Preiser 29504 HO Animal Baby Zebra Preiser 29506 HO Animal Camel Preiser 30448 HO Horse Drawn Sleigh Father Christmas & Parcels
Faller 151039 HO Hunting Men Preiser 28163 HO Woman Eating Ice Cream Preiser 28190 HO Woman Pointing Her Finger
Preiser 28180 HO Arguing Couple Pkg 2 Preiser 28209 HO Individual Figure Male Picking Apples Preiser 28213 HO Conrad Dietrich Magirus Individual Figure
Preiser 28216 HO Broken Leg Individual Figure Preiser 28227 HO Kissing Couple Preiser 28230 HO Woman in Bowler Hat Individual Figure
Preiser 28232 HO Woman Dropped Her Burger Individual Figure Preiser 16343 HO Unpainted Figure Set Passers-by/Spectators Preiser 10599 HO Sports & Recreation Male Choir Pkg 12
Preiser 16349 HO Unpainted Figure Set Seated Passengers Preiser 16513 HO Artillery 10.5cm Light Field Howitzer Kit Former German Army WWII Preiser 16527 HO Former German Army WWII Artillery 10.5cm Light Field Howitzer Plastic Kit LeFH 18 M
Preiser 16546 HO Military Soviet Union WWII 1942 Unpainted Figures Tank Crew Pkg 10 Preiser 16569 HO Military Soviet Union 1941-43 Unpainted Figures Marine Light Infantry Pkg 11 Preiser 16577 HO Military Former German Army WWII Unpainted Figure Set 2 Guards Escorting 17 Russian Prisoners
Preiser 16588 HO Former German Army WWII Horse-Drawn Transport Plastic Kit Preiser 16878 HO Military Former German Army WWII Painted Figure Sets Panzergrenadiers Dismounting Preiser 17161 HO Accessories Bicycles w/Trailer Kit Pkg 4
Preiser 17304 HO Boats Speed Boat Pkg 2 Preiser 28057 HO Individual Figure Pedestrians Monk Preiser 28101 HO F.J. Strauss
Preiser 29033 HO Individual Figure Working People Nude Female Model Preiser 29056 HO Individual Figure Old Shatterhand Faller 151075 HO Railroad Personnel Steam Locomotive Personnel Pkg 6
Faller 153028 HO Working People Stable Staff Pkg 6 Preiser 14136 HO Pedestrians People Shopping Pkg 6 Preiser 14416 HO Seated People Assortment Pkg 48
Preiser 12130 HO 1900s Figures Prussian Railroad Personnel Preiser 12132 HO 1900s Figures Family Walking Preiser 12133 HO 1900s Figures Men Passengers
Preiser 12135 HO 1900s Figures People Bathing Preiser 12137 HO 1900's Figures People Sitting on Platform Pkg 7 Preiser 12184 HO 1900s Figures Passers-By Wearing Winter Clothes
Preiser 12190 HO 1900 Seated Passengers Preiser 13000 HO Assorted Painted Figures 100/ Railroad Personel Travelers & Passers-By Preiser 14050 HO People Working Women Hanging Laundry Pkg 4
Preiser 14057 HO Wedding Participants Protestants Pkg 5 Preiser 14062 HO Working People Workers Standing Pkg 6 Preiser 14080 HO Working People Standing Photographers Pkg 6
Preiser 14139 HO Pedestrians Children Preiser 14144 HO People Working Workmen w/Accessories Preiser 14145 HO Passengers Seated Passengers
Preiser 14146 HO People Working Policemen Era III Preiser 14147 HO Loading Dock Workers Pkg 5 Preiser 14149 HO People Working Cleaning Crew Members
Preiser 14162 HO Animals Goats & Hogs Preiser 14178 HO Animals Reindeer Set #2 Pkg 6 Preiser 14179 HO Deer Pkg 5
Preiser 14200 HO Firemen Set #1 Pkg 6 Preiser 14201 HO Firemen Set #2 Pkg 6 Preiser 14202 HO Firemen Set #3 Pkg 6
Preiser 14203 HO Firemen Set #4 Pkg 6 Preiser 14204 HO Firemen #5 Preiser 14402 HO Crowd of 36 Passers-By Standing & Walking
Preiser 14406 HO Passengers Railway Shunters Preiser 17928 HO Farm Machinery Tractor Tool Carrier w/Fork Lift Preiser 17935 HO Farm Equipment Tractor w/Potato Planter & 3 Figures
Preiser 20263 HO Circus Workers Roustabouts #2 Raising Tents Preiser 20384 HO Animals Polar Bears 2 Adults 2 Cubs Preiser 20386 HO Brown Bears Pkg 4
Preiser 20387 HO Animals Zebras 2 Adults & 2 Foals Preiser 20388 HO Animals Monkeys Brown Pkg 10 Preiser 20391 HO Animals Bison Pkg 4
Preiser 20394 HO Reindeer Pkg 6 Preiser 28008 HO Individual Figure Railway Personel Modern Switchman w/Safety Vest Preiser 28031 HO Happy Homecoming Couple
Preiser 28070 HO Individual Figures Emergency Services German Federal Police 2006 Preiser 28078 HO Individual Figures Sports & Recreation Man Pulling Child on Sled Preiser 28115 HO Railroad Personnel German Railway Policeman
Faller 151041 HO Working People Lumberjacks Pkg 6 Preiser 14121 HO Waiting Travelers 4 Women & 2 Men Preiser 24640 HO On the Prince's Carriage Pkg 6
Preiser 24641 HO King's Guard Pkg 6 Preiser 24642 HO Carnival Parade Participants Set #1 Pkg 6 Preiser 24643 HO Carnival Parade Participants Set #2 Pkg 6
Preiser 24646 HO Carnival Parade Pkg 5 Faller 150919 HO At the Beekeeper's 5 Figures & Beehives Preiser 20265 HO Circus Artists #1 Pkg 6
Preiser 20266 HO Circus Artists #2 Pkg 5 Preiser 10740 HO Skaters and Passers-By Pkg 6 Preiser 10745 HO Soccer Fans Pkg 6
Preiser 10756 HO Soccer Team w/ Referee Light Shirts Dark Shorts Pkg 12 Preiser 10757 HO Soccer Team w/ Referee Green Shirts Shorts Pkg 12 Preiser 10760 HO Soccer Team w/ Referee Shirts Shorts Pkg 12
Preiser 10762 HO Soccer Team w/ Referee Shirts Shorts Pkg 12 Preiser 10086 HO Railroad Personnel French Train Crewmen Preiser 10231 HO Recreation & Sports Golfers
Preiser 10238 HO Railroad Personnel Italian Railroad Workers Preiser 10248 HO People Working German Postal Workers & Accessories Pkg 5 Preiser 10250 HO Band Bavarian Pkg 12
Preiser 10281 HO Passengers Travelers w/Luggage Preiser 10290 HO Wanderers-hikers Preiser 10295 HO People Working Female & Male Farm Workers Pkg 6
Preiser 10308 HO Recreation & Sports Children & Teens at the Pool Pkg 7 Preiser 10315 HO Sports & Recreation Ice Skaters Pkg 6 Preiser 10327 HO Passengers Hurrying Pkg 6
Preiser 10331 HO Wedding Participants Wedding Guests Preiser 10343 HO Pedestrians Travelers Preiser 10352 HO People Working Merchant Sailors Ashore
Preiser 10370 HO USA Police & Motorcycle 5 Officers 1 Motorcycle Preiser 10372 HO Railway Personnel Preiser 10373 HO People Working Mechanics In Coveralls Pkg 6
Preiser 10374 HO People Working Telephone Workers w/Tent Preiser 10386 HO Passengers Sitting On Bus #3 Preiser 10387 HO Passengers Seated Couples Pkg 8
Preiser 10389 HO Police Mounted On Horseback German Officers in Summer Uniform Preiser 10397 HO Police Mounted On Horseback United States Police in Modern Uniform Pkg 2 Preiser 10402 HO Passengers Nuns w/Luggage
Preiser 10407 HO Railroad Personnel Modern Swiss Preiser 10419 HO People Working Policemen w/Warning Vests and Accessories Preiser 10435 HO Police Mounted On Horseback Republican Guards
Preiser 10441 HO Recreation & Sports Hikers at Water Pump Preiser 10451 HO Passers By Waiting Pkg 6 Preiser 10592 HO Passengers At the Train Station Pkg 6