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Woodland 35300 HO Modular Building System 4-in-1 #2 Industrial Building Kit 178 Pieces Pikestuff 14 HO Add-On Wall Section For Most Kits 20 Scale Feet Long Railtown Model Railroad 2904 HO Spherical Water Tower Kit Sky Blue
Railtown Model Railroad 2912 HO Run-Through Locomotive Maintenance Shed w/Lights & Welding Effects Kit Woodland 35400 HO Modular Building Systems Complete Kits Fedups Freight Co. Woodland 35500 HO Modular Building Systems Complete Kits Tera Surplus Window Warehouse
Woodland 40200 HO Gold Kits Whitewater Brewing Monroe Models 2205 HO Ellie's House Kit American Model Builders 137 HO Pacific Electric Passenger Shelter Kit
American Model Builders 141 HO New Freedom Pennsylvania Passenger and Freight Depot Kit American Model Builders 181 HO Coldwater Coal Company Laserkit American Model Builders 705 HO Lineside Structures Kit Sonny's Shack
American Model Builders 725 HO The Pickle Works G.R. Dill & Sons Salting Station Laserkit American Model Builders 797 HO Laserkit Xpress Easy-To-Build Laserkit Gas Station w/Pumps Alexander 7622 HO Freight Station Laserkit Cut Wood w/Metal Castings New York Central
Downtown Deco 1058 HO Gone Bust Block Kit American Model Builders 727 HO Wood Truss Auto Bridge Laser-Cut Wood Kit 9-1/2 x 3 x 2" Long Walthers 4048 HO Piggyback Ramps Kit
Walthers 4052 HO Metro Power & Light Kit Generating Plant American Model Builders 193 HO Country Grain Elevator Laserkit Walthers 4059 HO Trackside Oil Dealer w/ Storage Tanks Kit
Lionel 1956120 HO Lighted Water Tower Kit Silver Lionel 1956130 HO Lighted Water Tower Kit Black Lionel 1956180 HO Suburban Strip Mall Kit
Lionel 1957290 HO Tank Container 4-Pack Lionel 1967180 HO Uptown Plaza Mall Kit Grand Central Gems SMKY03 HO Smokey the Bear Includes Cabin & 3 Trees
Blair Line 170 HO Roadside Tourist Trap Four Optional Signs Micro Engineering 75-505 HO Deck-Girder Bridge w/Open Deck Kit Scale Length 85' Atlas 750 HO Lumber Yard & Office Kit
Micro Engineering 75-511 HO City Viaduct 150' Single Track Micro Engineering 80-180 HO 85' Plate Girder Pkg 4 8 Girder Sections Scale 42.5' in Length Campbell 1604 HO Plastic Windmill Kit
Campbell 302 HO 50' Open Deck Pile Trestle Kit Campbell 307 HO Wharf Kit Campbell 358 HO Sand House Kit
Campbell 393 HO Abandoned House Kit Campbell 433 HO Idaho Springs Mine Kit Campbell 461 HO The Blacksmith Shop Kit
Campbell 781 HO Cattle Loading Pens Kit Faller 130916 HO #62 Gothe Street 4-Story Corner Townhouse Kit JL Innovative 581 HO East Junction Tool Shed Kit Laser-Cut Wood
GCLaser 19091 HO Telephone Booth w/Straight Sides 2-Pack Laser-Cut Matboard Kit Kibri 39519 HO Surava Wooden Depot w/LED Light Kit Busch 1598 HO Buschheide Germany Half-Timber City Hall Laser-Cut Wood & Card Kit
Pikestuff 4 HO Pre-Fab Warehouse Kit Woodland 12100 HO Seymour Block DPM s Kit Woodland 36000 HO Modular Building System Modular Learning Kit
State Tool & Die 500 HO Railroad Privy/Outhouse Plastic Kit C&O Design Single Kit American Model Builders 165 HO Mine Trestle Laser-Cut Wood Kit Makes 12" of Trestle for Kit #152-164 Faller 110092 HO Country Station Kit
Woodland 30144 HO Modular Building System Two-Story Wall Sections w/Victorian Windows Kit Pkg(4) Tichy 7012 HO 100 000-/125 000-Gallon Steel Water Tank Kit GCLaser 19102 HO Ice Shed Office Laser-Cut Kit
Faller HO 140418 Daemonium Motorized Ghost Train Kit Busch 1377 HO Bus Station Laser-Cut Kit Busch 1388 HO Cattle Hay Racks with Hay Bales Kit Pkg(2)
Faller HO 140418 Daemonium Motorized Ghost Train Kit
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Busch 1553 HO Half-Timber Storage Shed Laser-Cut Kit Busch 1662 HO Half-Timber Gatekeeper's House Laser-Cut Kit Bachmann 42215 HO Park Accessories Swimming Pool & Accessories
Blair Line 175 HO Section Car Toolhouse Blair Line 185 HO Chesapeake & Ohio Depot Standard #1 Design Laser-Cut Wood Kit Stewart Products 103 HO Diesel Sand Tower Fuel & Water Column Kit
Stewart Products 115 HO Double-Track Diesel Sand Tower Fuel & Water Columns Stewart Products 219 HO Vertical Oil Storage Tank Kit Blair Line 183 HO Coal Storage House Kit
Busch 1400 HO Greenhouses Kit Pkg 2 Busch 1487 HO Play Castle Kit Busch 7706 HO Fruit & Vegetable Stand Kit
Busch 7708 HO Fish Market Stand Kit Durango Press 68 HO Jib Crane Kit JL Innovative 491 HO C.K. Dexter Haven Dock & Bait Kit Laser-Cut Wood
Lunde 27 HO The Bon Ton Kit N Scale Architect 50066 HO Wall Panel System Starter Set Kit Modern Brick Busch 1158 HO Diesel Locomotive Refueling Station Kit
Woodland BR5051 HO Built-Up Betty's Bur Bachmann 42907 HO Truck-Mounted Track-Powered Flashing LED End-of-Train Device Roller Bearing Truck Busch 12374 HO Derrick w/ Chain Hoist Kit
JL Innovative 681 HO Rockfish Cafe Laser-Cut Wood Kit w/ Interior American Model Builders 702 HO Interlocking Tower Laserkit Woodland 36300 HO Modular Building System Designer Bulk Pack Victorian Style Storefront Building Kit
Woodland 11300 HO Carol's Corner Cafe DPM s Kit Woodland 30103 HO Modular Building System Dock Level Wall Sections w/Arched Windows Kit Woodland 30113 HO Modular Building System One-Story Blank Wall Kit
Woodland 30115 HO Modular Building System Loading Dock Riser Wall Kit Pkg(8) Woodland 30130 HO Modular Building System One-Story Wall Sections w/Rectangular Windows Kit Woodland 30135 HO Modular Building System Dock Level Wall Sections w/Overhead Door Kit
Woodland 30174 HO Modular Building System Two-Story Wall Sections w/2 Steel Sash Windows Kit Woodland 40700 HO DPM s Gold Kits Popa Weelie's Saloon Kit American Model Builders 115 HO Farmer's Grain & Stock Co. Laserkit
American Model Builders 119 HO Country Barn Laser-Cut Kit American Model Builders 122 HO Dill's Market Laser Kit American Model Builders 134 HO Southern Pacific Type 22 Depot Kit
American Model Builders 147 HO Hillview Volunteer Fire Co. Kit American Model Builders 164 HO Martinsburg Coal Mine #1 Laserkit American Model Builders 184 HO The Drinkwater Place Laserkit
Bar Mills 872 HO Collard's Creek Motor Park Laser-Cut Wood Kit Busch 1025 HO Indoor Swimming Pool Busch 1410 HO Concrete Cow Barn Kit
JV Models 2019 HO Burnt River Mining Company Wood Kit Scale Bar Mills 432 HO Office at Cranberry Yard Kit Grandt Line 5914 HO Corrugated Metal Utility Building Kit
Walthers 3065 HO Ore Dock Kit Busch 1583 HO Animal Cage Kit Busch 1183 HO Romantic Christmas Market Kit
Walthers 3065 HO Ore Dock Kit
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Busch 1567 HO Cemetery Mausoleum Kit Bar Mills 2019 HO Loading Dock w/Cast Details Busch 1040 HO Dog Agility Training Center with Figures and Details Kit
Busch 1648 HO 5-Stall Garage Block Complex Laser-Cut Kit Busch 1671 HO Animal Shelter w/ Office and 2 Kennels Laser-Cut Kit Smalltown 6010 HO Sally's Antiques Kit
Smalltown 6015 HO Furniture Showroom Kit Smalltown 6016 HO City Buildings Florist's Office Kit Smalltown 6019 HO Cycle Repair Shop Kit
Smalltown 6028 HO Talltown Buildings Rusty's Graphic Arts Kit Blair Line 187 HO Clark Oil Gas Station Kit Blair Line 196 HO Pizzaland Kit
Blair Line 177 HO Truck Dump Kit Rix 111 HO Modern Highway Overpass Scale 50' Rix 354 HO Grain Bin Extension Kit
Smalltown 6024 HO Buck's Book Shop Kit Smalltown 6025 HO City Buildings Freytag's Furnace Co. Kit B.T.S. 23005 HO One Holer Outhouse Kit Peaked Roof Positionable Doors Ladies Crescent Moon & Gentlemen Star
B.T.S. 27111 HO Crossing Shanty Kit B.T.S. 27124 HO East Broad Top Coles Station Kit B.T.S. 27142 HO Cheat Run Trestle Standard Gauge Kit
B.T.S. 27227 HO Cabin Creek Series Greely's Place Kit B.T.S. 27237 HO Cabin Creek Company House Kit B.T.S. 27506 HO Loading Dock Kit
B.T.S. 27603 HO Waynesburg & Washington Narrow Gauge Structure Kits Laser-Cut Wood West Amity Station B.T.S. 27498 HO McCabe Crew Quarters Kit B.T.S. 27306 HO Dodson Farm's Milk Platform Kit
Branchline 601 HO Tower House Laser-Art Kit Branchline 654 HO Majestic Theatre Kit Monroe Models 2220 HO Yard Office Caboose Laser-Cut Wood Kit
GCLaser 1209 HO Country Market Kit Laser-Cut Wood GCLaser 1298 HO Tool House Kit GCLaser 1909 HO Team Yard Office Kit
JV Models 2001 HO Gable Roof Dairy Barn Kit JV Models 2002 HO Forest Ranger Tower Kit JV Models 2012 HO Branchline Wood Water Tower Kit
JV Models 2014 HO Wood Timber Trestle Kit JV Models 2030 HO Wigwam Sawdust Burner Kit JV Models 2031 HO Austinburg Lumber Yard Kit
GCLaser 19044 HO Coal Bunker Kit GCLaser 19090 HO Telephone Booth w/Angled Sides 2-Pack Laser-Cut Matboard Kit Bachmann 45147 HO Hardware Store Plasticville U.S.A. Kit
Bar Mills 352 HO REA Depot at Cran Yard Kit Walthers 804 HO United Trucking Built-Up Walthers 3128 HO Grain Dryer Kit
Walthers 3164 HO Heritage Furniture BackGround Building Kit Back Wall Walthers 3172 HO Armstrong Electric Motors BackGround Building Kit Blair Line 176 HO Company House Kit
Walthers 3124 HO Grain Conveyor Kit Walthers 3528 HO Modern Water Tower Kit Blair Line 169 HO Wood Frame Church Kit
Bar Mills 862 HO The Cabins at Collard's Creek Laser-Cut Wood Kit Walthers 3471 HO Vic's Barber Shop Kit Walthers 3472 HO Jim's Owl Kit
Walthers 3046 HO George Roberts Printing Company Kit Walthers 2900 HO Mobile Construction Office Kit Walthers 3796 HO Single-Car Garage Pkg 2 Kit
Tichy 8328 HO 1911 PRR Watchman's Shanty Kit Bachmann 42100 HO Picket Fence Pkg 24 B.T.S. 27112 HO Tool Storage Shed Kit
B.T.S. 27304 HO Goin' Home Series Tobacco Barn Kit B.T.S. 27509 HO Less-Than-Car-Load LCL Ramp Kit Herpa 6325 HO Office Building Plastic Kit Gray
Woodland TS151 HO Possum Hollow Rix 5410008 HO Kit Modern Engine House Rix 5410010 HO Kit Distribution Center
Rix 5415006 HO Kit Contractors Building Rix 6996006 HO Kit Hardware Store Kit Plastruct 1018 HO Side-By-Side Vertical Tanks Kit
Blair Line 186 HO Cash Mine Works Ore House Kit JL Innovative 311 HO McLeod Super Service Walthers 2909 HO Miss Bettie's Diner Kit
Blair Line 186 HO Cash Mine Works Ore House Kit
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Walthers 3040 HO Car Shop Kit Walthers 3147 HO Trestle w/Deck Girder Bridge Kit Walthers 9332917 HO Lakeville Warehouse Kit