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ART88069 Archer Transfer S Resin RR Treadplate 108-88069 ART88073 Archer Transfer S Resin Tankcar Rivets 108-88073 ART88099 Archer Transfer S 1.25 Tankcar Dbl Row Rvts 108-88099 ART88116 Archer Transfer S 12x12 Window Muntins 108-88116
BTS2600 B.T.S. S Wood Floor AM 52' Gondola 464-2600 BTS2601 B.T.S. S Wood Floor AF 42' Gondola 464-2601 BTS2602 B.T.S. S Roofwalk AM 40' Boxcar 464-2602 BTS2604 B.T.S. S Roofwalk PRS 40' Boxcar 464-2604
BTS2605 B.T.S. S Roofwalk PRS 40' Reefer 464-2605 BTS2607 B.T.S. S Floor PRS 50' DD Boxcar 464-2607 BTS2610 B.T.S. S Interior PRS 40' DD Box 464-2610 BTS2800 B.T.S. S Parlor Car Seat DRGW 4/ 464-2800
BTS2801 B.T.S. S Panel Sides A.M. Hopper 464-2801 PCC503136 Palace Car Co. S Coach Seats Strmlnr 36/ 548-503136 PCC5038A Palace Car Co. S Full Berth Armrest 14/ 548-5038A PCC5038B Palace Car Co. S Half Berth Armrest 10/ 548-5038B
PCC5039 Palace Car Co. S Drawing Room Sofa 2/ 548-5039 PCC5040 Palace Car Co. S Men's Room Sofa & Seat 2/ 548-5040 PCC5242 Palace Car Co. S Section Partition 14/ 548-5242 PCC9788 Palace Car Co. S Section Berth Kits    32/ 548-9788