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MRK87409 Marklin, Inc Z Eurofima Pass Car Assort 441-87409 MRK87282 Marklin, Inc Z BST 2nd Class 3-Car Set 441-87282 MRK87509 Marklin, Inc Z Insider DB Pass Car Set 441-87509 MTL55600070 Micro Trains Line Z Passenger Hwt Business Car SP #106 489-55600070
MRK87300 Marklin, Inc Z DB AG Touristikzug 5 Car 441-87300 MRK87303 Marklin, Inc Z DB AG Touristikzug Pass 441-87303 MRK87530 Marklin, Inc Z DB Commuter 4-Car Set 441-87530 MRK87549 Marklin, Inc Z DB Backwds Pass 4-Car Set 441-87549
MRK87756 Marklin, Inc Z DB AG IntrCty 5-Car Set 441-87756 MTL55600040 Micro Trains Line Z Hvywt Pass SP"Airslie"100 489-55600040 MTL55600020 Micro Trains Line Z Business Car PRR #7503 489-55600020 MTL55600030 Micro Trains Line Z Hwt Bsnss Car BN Yllwstn
MTL55600060 Micro Trains Line Z Modernized Heavyweight Business Car Observation - Ready to Run -- Union Pacific 113 (Armout Yellow, gray, red) 489-55600060 MTL55600140 Micro Trains Line Z Hwt Business Car CN #95 489-55600140