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Model Train and Railroad Items Wanted
Buy, Sell or Trade
Store Phones 678-546-3600

Whatever the reason, the there is a time to buy and time to sell.
We understand that often the selling centers around life changing events.
We have 30 Years experience with handling collections - large and small.

TrainMaster Model Trains process of buying (or trading):

We will contact you directly after your initial interest (phone call, email, letter)
and discuss the all aspects of the sale. Every situation is different. We would
like to offer our best solution. Some areas we would like to discuss are reason
for the sale, type material for sale, sales objective, current location, presence
of a layout (tables) and the issue related to layout. Complete detailed inventory
lists are helpful not always necessary. Pictures are often simpler in the
preliminary evaluation stage. Purchase price records and price guide
references are unnecessary.

We generally need to take possession of the items you wish to sell (or trade) to
give the highest offer. Ever piece needs to be evaluated, access condition,
market value in it current condition. Condition, running capability and
all play into accessed current market value. Systems, motors,
electronics, sound,
smoke units all must be tested for TrainMaster to offer the maximize amount.
If we can not take possession, we can make offer on sight but the offer will reflect
the lack of testing for the unknowns.

Our offer will be a wholesale offer based the current market price. We do not
pick and choose and make the offer for the whole collections as is.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I want maximum price for my items?
Then you will need to put the labor into selling the item at Train Shows or
on internet based opinions such as "Ebay". You may consign to an Auction
at 30 to 35% but they generally sell them "As Is" - "Untested" which produces
a lower selling price and thus a lower net to you.

Can I consign my items?
No, we do not have consignment, we prefer to purchases all the item we sell.

If I trade, do I have to pick items out immediately?
No, you can apply the credit when you have items you want now or order specific
items as available. We will order any items not currently in stock if available.
Our system tracks the balance due you at all times.