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Order Policy

We sell items that are available from many sources.
This allows you the ability to order from one source at low price.
Once the order has been placed it will be processed from
our warehouse and/or ordered from our various distributors inventory.

Once processed the order will be "Locked".
After "Locked" an order will no longer be able to be canceled or edited
by the customer and the payment will be collected.

Items that must come from distributors inventory may take up to five business days
(Special Orders Three Weeks or more) to arrive at TrainMaster Model Trains.
Please allow a minimum time as stated for shipment or in store pick-up.
Customers statements of mandatory arrival dates are void.
We ship completed orders daily and use primarily USPS.

Once the completed order has been shipped; an email will be sent to customer’s
at email providing the '"tracking" information from the carrier or
notification that the order is available for pick-up

TrainMaster Model Trains reserves the right at their sole discretion
to void or cancel any order and/or payment at any time.